Our Philosophy

We respect the time and effort you plan on putting into preparing for your professional civil engineering licensing exams: We don't waste your time with subject matter that appears infrequently on the exams; we don't approach the material in ways foreign to the exams; and we don't require you to sit through entire technical lectures simply because, in your case, you need only small bits of the lecture. And we don't bring in college instructors who simply offer a comprehensive coverage of the material in the hopes that what you need for the exam is "in there somewhere."

A recent update to the Civil PE exam (officially called the Civil Engineering Principles & Practices exam) has made it evident that the traditional way examinees prepare for it likewise needs to be updated.

Since the current exam format was introduced by NCEE in October 2000, it underwent another big change in October 2010 – a requirement that examinees declare their Depth (or topic concentration) prior to the exam administration date. While many in the Civil PE exam preparation industry shrug off this new requirement as largely irrelevant or simply don't know how to deal with it, we recognize its importance.

We started California Civil PE Review with the idea of capitalizing on our lengthy experience in delivering Civil PE Exam Review courses by offering innovative and effective review course formats relevant to the current Civil PE exam format. Together with providing support to students outside the lecture sessions, we have achieved strong customer satisfaction.

Separately, we continue to update and deliver review courses for the Special California Civil Engineering Surveying exam.

We invite you to consider our courses and, of course, contact us with any questions you have.